Pneumonia (double damn!)

(note: the xray image isn’t mine)

So my cough hasn’t been getting better.  Had another doctor visit today only to learn that the infection hasn’t gone away.  In fact it’s spread from one lung to both now!  Poop!  So the verdict looks like it’s gonna be pneumonia.  Got sent straight from my doctors office straight to the hospital for an xray.  2 hour wait for a one minute procedure.  Now it’s straight to the heavy meds (one for infection and one for inflammation) and another puffer.

I’m having a hard time relaxing and waiting to get better.  All I can think about is the trails and how I’m not on them.  Doesn’t help that I’m on Youtube watching trail running videos.  Just making me itchy.  By the way, just watched a Netflix movie called The Barkley Marathons.  I highly recommend it.  This race has been going on for years even though there are only a handful of finishers.  It’s a race that isn’t advertised, you have to basically know someone who raced it to apply, and the entry fee is $1.69 US!!  It’s a crazy race run by a couple of crazy old hippies.  Those that get entry have to bring a license plate from where they live and an requested item.  One year it was a white shirt, one was socks, the one in the movie was a plaid shirt!  Apparently the organizer figures out what he needs and requests that item!  I told you they were crazy.  The race consists of five 20-ish mile loops with a combined elevation of 60,000 feet (two Mt. Everest’s!)  Great movie.

So that’s it, probably another couple weeks at least before I can run.  I have nothing that I can do other than take my meds and rest.  I guess it’s a good lesson again but will I learn this time!!

Okay, back to Netflix!


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