Lung infection


I had been coughing for a couple weeks.  Took some time off running to clear up what I thought was a minor cough.  After a week and a half it was still getting worse.  People around me told me it was the “100 day cough” and everyone was getting it.  Just had to let it run it’s course.  Okay I thought, give it a couple more days then I’ll start some light running again and sure, I’d cough still, but I thought it probably won’t get worse.


After a night of coughing so hard that I could hardly get a breath in, my wife (the smart one in the family) called my doctor and made an appointment.  Sure enough, I get in there, he tells me to jump up on his examination table, takes out his stethoscope and there it was, an infection in my right lung!  Damn!  Okay now I knew it was gonna take some time before I could hit the trails again.  So he send me off with a prescription and an hour later I’m going home with antibiotics and a puffer.  To say the last few days have been hell would be an understatement.  For 4 days I’ve only managed a few hours sleep a night and I’m coughing so hard that I thought my head would split in two!  Not sure how long it’s gonna take to clear this up but I won’t be hitting the trails and roads like I was for awhile.  Two weeks turned into 3 and it’ll be at least another week and a bit before this is cleared up.  After that it’s gonna be trial and error to see if my lungs can handle any kind of run.  Might be a slow path back to where I was but it doesn’t matter.  The first time I’m on the trails, out amongst the trees, all this will be behind me and it will be nothing but a bad memory and a learning lesson.

I think we all know deep down when something is minor or could be major.  I think I knew it was a bit worse than a normal cold cough and if I would have been proactive I probably would be over the treatment by now and back out there.  It just isn’t worth it not to get checked out when you get that “feeling”.  The worst that can happen is the doctor tells you you’re fine and need a couple days off.  Big deal.

Let’s hope I learned my lesson.


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