New shoes!

2016-05-08 11.57.04Well it was finally time to bite the bullet and go shoe shopping.  There was a time where I was up on the new trends for running/trail shoes.  Back when I was into doing marathons, half marathons, 10K’s, 8K’s, etc I would do my research.  I’d walk into the nearest running store and the sales person would say “You have to try the new ‘Sukiyaki 4000 XL2’s’.  They’re the newest shoe that will make you a super runner”.  I’d say okay, spend the equivalent of a months mortgage payment,  and I would wear them out in the same amount of mileage as any other running shoe I bought in the past.  And when trying to replace them I’d find out they weren’t made anymore and I would have to get the newest “Sukiyaki 4000 XL3’s”.  Only now I’d have to spend only a month and a half’s mortgage payment on the newest model!

Fast forward to today.  I have a store in town I go to (Kintec) and shop as local as I can.  I have no problem walking in there every time and asking to see what the cheapest types of shoes they have on sale (there’s always a sale).  Last time it was Brook’s 7 and Montrail somethings.  Both worked great, both wore out about the same as any other shoe.  So this time it was a pair of New Balance Trail shoes with the Leadville 100 logo on them (my new favourite race to read about) and a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider’s for road running.  I put them on, they felt great and I’m sure I’ll love both.

I’m not a competitor, no plans on being one except the odd race for the fun of it.  As important as shoes are, it’s no longer important to get the best, newest, shoes out there.  At my age and skill level a shoe won’t make much difference.  I love being out there and shoes probably won’t make me love it more.  The only exception is having different shoes for trail and road.  They really are quite different.  Trail shoes on roads are pretty stiff and road shoes on trails don’t last long.  Other than that, don’t break the bank, make sure they fit, and most importantly just get out there and enjoy running wherever you are.

Now if I can only get rid of this chest infection or whatever the heck it is and get out there and put some miles on!


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