Running vest

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.20.06 PMI finally made the jump and bought a running vest.  I’ve been trying to stuff so much into a waist pack and it was getting a little crazy.  Plus I hated how it bounced around while I ran no matter how much I cinched it up.  Not to mention I never carried water with me unless it was over 12-14km.  Not a good idea.

I have been researching these things for some time now.  I loved that I would be able carry water without a big bladder tied to me (although you can add that to this pack).  Also I wanted a pocket in the back big enough for a jacket, extra clothing, snacks, etc.  Everything I wanted kept pointing to this vest, the Ultimate Direction PB 2.0.  The only problem was the price.  It’s a lot of dough to lay down just to be able to carry extra stuff on longer runs.  So I put it into my “maybe some day” file and continued to run with my bouncing waist pack.

I was gigging in Calgary one day and decided I had time to run from my hotel down to where my Mom lives for a short visit.  On the way back I noticed a Mountain Equipment Coop and decided to pop in.  Nothing.  On a whim I decided to ask a clerk if they had anything that I may have missed. Well it turns out they had 5 of these in the back but they were the small/medium size.  I thought well I’m here, I might as well try one.  It just fit, which is a good thing.  I means I can’t gain any weight or it won’t fit!!  So I decided to make the plunge and the icing on the cake is that it was on sale because the new version is coming out soon.  Couldn’t resist.

So now on my runs I can take a camera, water, jacket, etc and it all fits into this pack nicely.  Haven’t even used half of the pockets yet.  There’s places for keys, ID, gels, you name it.  This thing hugs me perfectly and doesn’t move an inch while I’m running.  Feels great.  A bit of a back sweat on hotter days but it’s a back pack, what do you expect.

I’m now ready for any trail run or longer road runs.  No excuse!!!


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