Okay, I’m not technically training for anything but sometimes I get a little obsessive when it comes to running.  For some reason the trails have been calling me every day and I’ve been loving running all the trails close to home.  I found some new trails that some mountain bikers have made and they are awesome.  One is really tough on the uphill side and the one I run down is slow and meandering.  In short I became so obsessed with this route that I ran it hard 4 days in a row.

Cold season has been going through our house like a freight train and it started with my 3 year old daughter.  Of course 3 year olds pick up every cold and flu out there and bring it home.  She had it pretty bad, then my wife got it pretty bad.  I was starting to feel a cough come on and a bit of congestion but it was at the start of my new found trails.  So instead of doing the smart thing and taking a day or two off, I hit it as hard as I could.  The last day I was really congested and it was 27C out there as well.  Needless to say I was having trouble on my uphill run.  I was running out of breath because of the congestion and the heat was kicking me hard.  Usually I can run through heat no problem but not that day.  Anyway to make a long story short, because I wouldn’t slow down I ended up giving myself a major cold/flu and knocking me out of running probably for at least a week.

Thats the thing, it’s really hard to admit to yourself that if you’re feeling rough that you should stop.  Especially us guys tend to think “I’ll just run it off, it’ll be fine”.  I never learn and always get knocked on my ass.  I’m sure the next time it happens I’ll probably do the exact same thing.  I’ll sacrifice a whole week of sick time instead of taking a day or two off to get back on my feet.

Maybe I’ll learn my lesson!


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