Island runs

Last weekend (Easter) my family and I braved the long lines at the ferries and made the trip over to Vancouver Island.  It’s really our second home as my wife grew up in Qualicum Beach and her Dad still lives there.  Qualicum Beach is a real gem in that it’s still a small town with incredible beaches.  Not only that, it has countless trails close by.  I’ve ran some of these trails for years now and I don’t think I’ve ran on the same trail once.  The more I run, the more cool trails I find.  The biggest trouble I have is I lose track of time and tend to run a lot longer/further every time.  My goal is to keep working at my running so I can spend the better part of a day just running in the area and seeing where it takes me.  I get very excited when I’m out there as usually it’s just me.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen another soul when I’m running in the area.  Also to get there and back from my father in laws, I run on an old abandoned railway track and part of it is on this old trestle over a deep canyon.  Always exciting, scary, unnerving, and exhilarating all at the same time.

If you happen to ever find yourself in this area, hit the town, hit the beach and hit the trails.  It will change your life!  Check out some pics here.

As well, you can run on the old Island highway.  I put a 15 km run in the day after my 13 km trail run.  It’s an easy run to the north or if you go south you get to run along the beach and take it all in.  Just be careful of traffic, especially in the summer.  It’s a heavy tourist area and there are lots of campers and visitors driving around.


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